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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
If this is an April Fools prank
It was a prank. Chill out dude. It was inspired by out recent discussion on FreeBSD forums regarding the choice of firewalls on FreeBSD. I mentioned that the choice of firewalls on BSDs is great:
  • IPFW on FreeBSD is getting lots of love and it is being actively developed.
  • DragonFly BSD has new IPFWv3 firewall built on the top of IPFW code they inherited from FreeBSD.
  • You guys have your own NPF which is completely indigenous code and the best thing that happen to NetBSD in the long time.
  • OpenBSD has its own beloved PF which is becoming SMP capable through the work of OpenBSD developers (not FreeBSD and DF modifications which already exist) including network stack which is currently being tested in my understanding on 20 Gigabit and 50 Gigabit equipment.

Somebody replied that that is too many and the firewall should "unite" by adopting "portable NPF code". I thought that was funny and a bit offensive to OpenBSD developers/users who developed PF over past 15 years. So if anything about April fools' joke was meant to sting OpenBSD crowd.

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