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Traffic shaping isn't the only feature/capability OpenBSD with PF has that most commercial SOHO routers don't-

- IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention)
- traffic and performance graphing.
- A/V protection
- DNS server with dynamic DNS
- high-grade site-to-site VPN tunnelling and road-warrior capability
- HA (High Availability) with another firewall
- Spam filter (that works!)
- OS is itself secure, so low likelihood of exploitation.
- OS and applications are regularly updated.

Of course, you have to learn how to install, configure, and maintain the applications that provide the aforementioned functionality, but that's some huge potential.

But I believe the choice is not based on feature-comparison, but rather love of the job- you like OpenBSD/PF for various reasons already and know that it would do the same job and more, so why not use it?
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