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Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
I'm a bit distracted now - juggling a few things - so I'm working off of my short/med term memory here.

Q1: Since I've installed Fedora_base, would it be possible for us to install a Fedora version of Opera 10 and its flash-plugins under emul/linux? If so, can a howto demo be written up here? Thanks.
Opera 10 in current ports tree. Update to current if you want to use Opera 10. It should not be difficult to install it on 4.6 release as well.
Flash is different story. There are couple unofficial versions of Flash 9, even 10 for OpenBSD which are floating around the net but it is safe to say that
Flash 10 doesn't work properly on OpenBSD. You best bet is swfdec which
works very well with Firefox for lots of popular web-sites.

Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
From what I recall, installing fedora-base allows us to run Linux apps; but outside of installation instructions, I don't recall seeing a "howto" displaying an actual pkg/app installation example.
man compat_linux

Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
I'm aware of this project's goals; but one of *BSDs' selling points was that it can run Linux apps - better/faster than native Linux distros on occasion. Just looking to see if we can bring in a few conveniences (I'm tired of Dual-Booting ), like flash and Virtualbox, for example.
That pile of crap you could read only in FreeBSD handbook section about Linux binary emulation. OpenBSD compatibility layer for Linux is all but dead. We (users of OpenBSD) run OpenBSD because of its own tolls. Personally the only large peace of software I use develop by Linux people is
Sane-backends and MPlayer. Everything else on my computer is old school Unix.

Originally Posted by IronForge View Post
Or, since there appears to be a lack of interest in porting non-native packages via emulation, would it be expedient to just install a small linux distro under qemu - as suggested by lvlamb?
Qemu is very sloooow. You need Kqemu accelerator which requires loadable kernel module. That kernel module pose a security risk. Assuming that you are willing to accept that risk you should take the following into consideration. Qemu is for all practical purposes non-usable AMD64 (OpenBSD amd64 is honest 64 bit operating system and can not run 32 binaries). Qemu also doesn't run on (bsd starting from4.6) kernel.
Assuming that you are willing to run bsd.sp kernel you could install some small Linux version in Qemu and make a limited use. I for instance was doing that as the web-site of my insurance company did require flash 10 for my insurance information to be displayed.

Other than that Linux inside Qemu was useless. Qemu has limited support for sound so you will not be able to hear the sound from stations delivering
TV or radio program in the Flash container. Skype is also useless for VoIP so if you are using it only for chat you may as well install Skype via linux compatibility layer.

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