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Originally Posted by bsd-keith View Post
Looking to try out NBSD on my RPi3, which is set to boot from USB - NBSD failed to boot.
I saw your thread and it made me want to put my Rasberry Pi 3 to work as well . I remember reading -- somewhere -- that the RPIs have a limited boot code; I think it either stated or implied that it was hard coded to boot from a microSD card, but specifcally, the microSD card had to have an msdos partition containing ELF binaries (whatever those are -- I certainly don't know) and a kernel image. Then again, it has been quite some time since I last looked it up. Anway, I was wondering how you set it to boot from a USB port. I would like to give it a shot.

Originally Posted by bsd-keith View Post
...I would like it to run from USB, & to use the built in wifi.
Regarding the built-in WiFi, it's not functional yet according to the Raspberry Pi NetBSD-Wiki, but apparently the built-in Bluetooth isn't working yet either, at least not in the release versions, but if you were thinking of some other way of getting it to work, I would love to know.
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