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Default Can't Print (Fresh First Time install) BSD newb

I'm new to FreeBSD, I have used a couple newb oriented Linux's. Before we even get to the heart of my query you'll need to know my setup.
I have one xp box that stores files and runs the printer. The printer is an hp laserjet 5, the printer is shared. This is the only printer and this printer really needs to stay on this make-shift nas for many reasons (not the least of which is that the "nas" is a via and uses 12 volts, it can run all day for nought). I had considered changing this old machine to a BSD or *nix nas but I have decided that do to the windows machines on the system (I am The unix user in this house so far), and because the nas must be accessed from an xbox with xbmc using no login.
I have installed Cups base and a package described as a backend for cups printing to windows machines. I'm using a Gnome interface even after rebooting the machine when I bring up Cups manager it says the server could not be contacted. I know from limited *nix experiance I have to set the system to start cups when the system is started if the package does not install that way but when I go to the system menu, administrator, services its all grayed out & I'm running in suicide mode (logged in as root and booting straight to the gui).
So then my question, is can I be helped?
I Saw Vista, I beta tested 7, and so, I responded to my findings in the logical manner. I installed BSD, nuf-said
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