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Default Undefined function in OpenBSD

This may be all BSDs and may be better suited for a different area on the board such as general programming so I apologize if it's out of place. Here is my issue.

I compile a lot of stuff on OpenBSD andi am usually able to get it going. Recently I tried to compile the R statistics package which is not in ports/packages. I downloaded the code from their site. It all compiles fine but dies in the linking phase. What i see is an undefined reference to the function __isfinitel. This function is declared as 'extern' in math.h. The problem is at link time i do not see this function in any shared library. I grep the system and I don't see it in source or binary, just the extern declaration in math.h. Now the function __isfinite is define in all those places as well as included in libc.a and others. It seems the difference between these two similar named functions is the numeric precision they use. I am running 4.4. I can post output from all this if needed.
Thanks all for your time.
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