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Default no space left on drive while installing?

After choosing which sets i want to use the installer starts to download them.
Halfway through comp45 i get different errors and i mean always different.
This last time i get this: (i will post more errors as i get them)

id 0 on /mnt: write failed, file system is full
tar: Failed write to file ./insert_random_file: No space left on device

Another time
mnt/usr: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
panic: bad dir
syncing disks... 864 854 719 372 done

I have no clue but im guessing its the satacontroller on the mobo so when i try to do dmesg i get this
dmesg: sysctl: KERN_MSGBUFSIZE: Device not configured

The hardware is
ABit NF7-S v2.0 with latest bios
Samsung SATA 400gb
Athlon Barton 2500
Intel PRO 1000/GT
Nvidia Geforce 256DDR
1gb DDR ram
1 IDE Lite-on CDrom
Ive removed all the extra disks+satacontroller when i ran into problems to minimize where the errors can come from...
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