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Default mg gets tinyscheme

From a post by Ted Unangst to the OpenBSD tech mailing list:
From: Ted Unangst <ted@xxxxquwe.xxxx>
To: OpenBSD Tech <>
Date Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 11:22 AM
Subject mg + tinyscheme

So one of mg's bugs is that it's not extensible. This doesn't
normally bother me, because I use vi. But I decided to do something
about it. A full lisp like emacs would be a little crazy, given the
point is to have a small editor. But tinyscheme isn't too bad. So in
it goes.

Now just having an extension language isn't too useful unless you an
do something with it. So far, the only thing you can do from mg is
run scheme code (M-x scheme). But you can't see the results. The
scheme code can write into the current buffer with (insert string).
It's not really challenging to add more links, I just didn't do it

So what can we do? Not a whole lot, unless we add networking. So I
also wrote a small C module that lets tinyscheme open sockets, and a
stupidly simple HTTP client in scheme. Put this all together, and you
can download the source of web pages directly into your text editor.
If you're lucky and you got all the moving pieces together, that is.

It's still pretty alpha and there's some rough edges, but the concept
is working. I put together a little web page with links to the
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