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Originally Posted by J65nko
Usually I lose the race at the beginning of the boot to type a space so I can enter "bsd.rd"
I am familiar with the set timeout command. That is standard in my a SiteXX,tgz file set.But this system was installed without it.
The main problem is that booting the HP Proliant Server takes a rather long time, so I am tempted to do something different, like getting a drink, and then when I return it is too late .....
Additional problem is that OpenBSD console output goes to the installed PCI express nVidia Graphic card, while the X Window output only shows up at the built-in Matrox VGA. So I also have to remember to switch the VGA monitor cable when I want to do an install/upgrade.

Just now I managed to fix the VGA output in the HP BIOS by making the PCI-X card the primary video card. Now both console as well as X Window are using the nVidia PCI-X card. One headache solved ......
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