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Default Newbie-friendly "printing in OpenBSD" guide wanted

I have an HP LaserJet 1018. It uses the ZjStream wire protocol - not PCL (like almost all other HP printers), ie. I can't use the standard HP printer drivers. Instead, I have successfully compiled and installed the foo2zjs printer driver. I've installed ghostscript and I have cupsd working. However, this is my first ever attempt at using a printer in OpenBSD and I'm having difficulty knowing just what I need to do to use it.

There doesn't seem to be anything on printing in the OpenBSD FAQ.
I've read the cupsd and cupsd.conf man pages and they're not very helpful.
I couldn't find much googling the internet.

Does anyone have (or can point me to) a newbie-friendly printing guide for OpenBSD they could share with me?

Kind regards
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