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What is the output of # ifconfig run0 scan? Does it show WEP? When I do a scan with my urtwn0 it only shows wpa2 as no accesspoints offer it anymore:
nwid VRV9517592245 chan 1 bssid bc:30:d9:59:22:45 -76dBm HT-MCS23 privacy,spectrum_mgmt,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid 0x00000000000000000000000000 chan 1 bssid 62:30:d9:59:22:47 -80dBm HT-MCS23 privacy,spectrum_mgmt,short_slottime,wpa2 
nwid TP-LINK_32E2 chan 4 bssid c0:25:e9:01:32:e2 -80dBm HT-MCS23 privacy,short_preamble,short_slottime,wpa2 
nwid "Danny en kim" chan 7 bssid c0:06:c3:50:31:6a -84dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_preamble,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid Ziggo chan 1 bssid ae:22:15:e8:b7:cb -84dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2,802.1x 
nwid TP-LINK_32E2 chan 1 bssid 48:8d:36:39:3b:a8 -84dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid VRV9517208734 chan 11 bssid 64:cc:22:20:87:34 -84dBm HT-MCS23 privacy,spectrum_mgmt,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid 0x00000000000000000000000000 chan 11 bssid 6a:cc:22:20:87:36 -84dBm HT-MCS23 privacy,spectrum_mgmt,short_slottime,wpa2 
nwid Ziggo85993E9 chan 1 bssid ac:22:05:e8:b7:cb -84dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid "" chan 7 bssid c6:06:c3:50:31:6a -84dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_preamble,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2 
nwid "" chan 7 bssid c6:06:c3:50:30:fa -92dBm HT-MCS15 privacy,short_preamble,short_slottime,radio_measurement,wpa2
You can check the ifconfig(8) man page and search for the WEP keyword : /WEP. It should be possible to manually connect with ifconfig run0 .......... You will get immediate feedback about any problems.
You don't need to be a genius to debug a pf.conf firewall ruleset, you just need the guts to run tcpdump
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