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OK, fantastic. I have it set up the second way with one storage pool since we'll have good backups and need the throughput. I have created two different file systems so we can use one for backup and one for production. Of course the client is being cheap and won't pay for two servers even though I agree with you that it is the way to go. I only have one question though. Since the file systems reside in the storage pool, there really is no way to know what vdev the data is in, it may even be striped across both of them as I understand it? Not that it makes any difference as if I am comprehending this correctly, the double RAID devices provide a measure of safety, more so than a single array would.

BTW, than you so much for the direction on this. I want to start using this configuration in all my client setups if it proves to be stable and reliable. Your help is always right on point as is most of the help on these forums.

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