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Default FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE > 7.0-RELEASE Upgrade

Am following the instructions yonder for upgrading 6.2 to 7.0... and it's just popped up and informed me that a merge couldn't be done and opened named.conf in vi for manual work... and I'm now stuck... s'the first time I've attempted an upgrade etc so not entirely sure what it's asking me to do here...

<<<<<<< current version
include "/etc/namedb/rndc.key";

controls {
        inet allow { localhost; } keys { "rndc-key"; };

// $FreeBSD: src/etc/namedb/named.conf,v 2005/09/10 08:27:27 dougb Exp
// $FreeBSD: src/etc/namedb/named.conf,v 2008/01/13 20:48:23 dougb Exp
>>>>>>> 7.0-RELEASE
// Refer to the named.conf(5) and named(8) man pages, and the documentation
// in /usr/share/doc/bind9 for more details.
// If you are going to set up an authoritative server, make sure you
// understand the hairy details of how DNS works.  Even with
// simple mistakes, you can break connectivity for affected parties,
// or cause huge amounts of useless Internet traffic.

options {
<<<<<<< current version
        pid-file "/var/run/named/pid";
        // Relative to the chroot directory, if any
>>>>>>> 7.0-RELEASE
        directory       "/etc/namedb";
        dump-file       "/var/dump/named_dump.db";
        statistics-file "/var/stats/named.stats";

// If named is being used only as a local resolver, this is a safe default.
// For named to be accessible to the network, comment this option, specify
// the proper IP address, or delete this option.
        listen-on       {; };

// If you have IPv6 enabled on this system, uncomment this option for
// use as a local resolver.  To give access to the network, specify
// an IPv6 address, or the keyword "any".
//      listen-on-v6    { ::1; };

// These zones are already covered by the empty zones listed below.
// If you remove the related empty zones below, comment these lines out.
        disable-empty-zone "";
        disable-empty-zone "";
        disable-empty-zone "";

// In addition to the "forwarders" clause, you can force your name
// server to never initiate queries of its own, but always ask its
// forwarders only, by enabling the following line:
//      forward only;
And just to complicate things, I hate vi and always work in pico, so even more stuck seeing as vi's what it chose to open them up with.
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