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Old 1st August 2008
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i believe you weren't getting the array too big error from gcc because of the much larger address space on a 64 bit OS (as opposed to 4GB on a 32 bit m/c).
That would make sense.

... take a stab at the debugger...
I started looking at it earlier this week, but the link will help.

Compile with the gcc compiler:
$ cc -Wall -g prog.c

Check if it worked:
$ echo $?
It compiled and could be run. In gdb it said "Program exited with code 065" (was the return line supposed to be "== 53" rather than "= 53", to exit normally?)

Also what did you mean with "$ echo $?"? Just to post results back, or something to do with the echo command?

The example helped though, I used a few lines in a bigger practice prog (which included free()).
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