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Default DAHDI driver project announcement


Dear FreeBSD Community,

We are pleased to announce that Max Khon has been awarded
a grant to finish the DAHDI FreeBSD driver port.

The purpose of DAHDI/FreeBSD project is to make it possible to use
FreeBSD as a base system for software PBX solutions.

DAHDI (Digium/Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) is an open-source
device driver framework and a set of HW drivers for E1/T1, ISDN digital
and FXO/FXS analog cards ( Asterisk is
one of the most popular open-source software PBX solutions

The project includes porting DAHDI framework and HW drivers for E1/T1,
FXO/FXS analog and ISDN digital cards to FreeBSD. This also includes
TDMoE support, software and HW echo cancellation (Octasic, VPMADT032)
and HW transcoding support (TC400B). The work is ongoing in the official
DAHDI SVN repository with the close collaboration with DAHDI folks at

The project is nearing its completion: DAHDI framework and HW drivers
telephony cards has been ported and tested. There are a number of
success stories from early adopters who use E1/T1 and FXO/FXS cards on
FreeBSD for several months.

This project will be completed in September 2010.


The FreeBSD Foundation
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