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Default pkgsrc build time excessive!


Building from source, pkgsrc is taking an extremely long time to compile. To be certain, I haven't yet compiled outside of pkgsrc - so I don't know if it is just plain slow compiling. It is taking probably 10x longer than I expect it to compile. For instance:

Checking for cc .... (wait two seconds) yes
Checking for whatever ... (wait three seconds) yes
Checking for this ... (wait two seconds) yes

Instead of having all this in about two seconds:

Checking for cc ... yes
Checking for whatever ... yes
Checking for this ... yes
Checking for that ... no
Checking for whoknows ... yes
Checking for whatnot ... yes
Checking for theotherthing ... yes
Checking for idontknow ... no

You get the point. Also, when compiling, it takes upwards of several minutes for a page of hieroglyphics to scroll across the screen instead of several screens of such every second or two (I am speaking of my experience of compiling on Linux, where it is that fast).

I only have my processor going 50% - AMD dual core with GENERIC (can't get GENERIC.MP to boot reliably) - but still, this is ridiculous. It took over 4 hours to compile the korn shell!!!
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