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Question Sonata/MPD problems

I've installed the Sonata music client and am running into some problems. When I first installed it, I thought it would behave like any other media player and simply add files once I specified what directory my music is in (in this case its /media/Media/Music on another hard drive). When I found out this wasn't the case and that I would have to configure MPD manually, I googled and came across this site:

Only thing I did different is I used PortManager to install instead of the standard "make install clean" command as it handles installing/upgrading all the dependencies (not to mention it shows you the percentage done). For the initial configuration I made all the files necessary (database, log, and error files) in my home directory and noted as such in the system wide mpd.conf file.

I ran this command:

/usr/local/bin/mpd --create-db /usr/local/etc/mpd.conf
and a bunch of text scrolled by that looked as if MPD was cataloging all of my music, but when I opened up Sonata there was nothing there and as such I am very confused. I really don't want to install any other media player as I'm afraid it will pull down a bunch of Gnome/KDE dependencies which would defeat the purpose of using XFCE in the first place. I'm pretty sure vermanden uses Sonata (or at least he was on one of the screenshots he posted on BSDforums) so I'm hoping he will have something to say.

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