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This is not enough information to debug. The message you see comes from a (likely GNU) configure script, which is used hundreds of times during a userland build.

Is the OS hung, or is it just the build in some sort of loop?
If the OS is still operating, perhaps top(1) can provide an indication of what process is running in a loop.

If the OS is still running can ctrl-C from the shell interrupt the build?

BTW, if the OS hangs, you may still be able to find out why, by forcing a kernel dump per sysctl ddb.console=1 and crash(8).

Is this a repeatable problem? Does it occur at the exact same spot each time, or is it different? Different failure points in the build indicate hardware trouble (RAM, heat, power).

The key to diagnosing build problems -- that don't involve hanging the entire system -- is the script(1) tool in combination with col(1).
# script
Script started, output file is typescript
# make build
..... <build failure ...>
# exit
Script done, output file is typescript
# col -b < typescript > session
# less session
... < examine output for clues....
  Hint: start at the end and work upward>

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