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Default Laptop Repair

I've run across an odd issue with a laptop I've been trying to fix. It is an HP zv5000, an older but OK unit that is now my granddaughter's. She totally destroyed the DC power jack, which is a weak spot of this (and many other) laptops.

So I replaced that part with a new one just fine, and it now charges the battery or runs without the battery pack if I want.

Unfortunately, the touch pad has gotten extremely flakey. The cursor jumps around, and the side scroll region works intermittently. The ZIF connector from the touchpad to the MB itself is fine -- I checked the continuity between the various conductors. The equivalent of the left and right mouse buttons work fine. Also, I did not remove the touchpad at all. And the repair was on the opposite side of the MB, and there really aren't a lot of other traces around to fry.

A mouse can always be used, but a laptop should have a working touchpad. Besides, there is pride involved! It worked before, d*mn it!

Any suggestions on what I might consider to fix this? Any laptop-oriented DYI fix-it sites that anyone can recommend?
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