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Default FreeBSD on laptops?

I'm new here and new to FreeBSD, so please be gentle. I've been using Linux for about 9 years, now. Been meaning to try FreeBSD for quite a while. I'm still not sure why I haven't gotten around to it. I did install it recently in VirtualBox, but I can't get the network to work in it to really try it out (I've googled it and tried every workaround I can, but it still doesn't work). One thing I really liked was the boot up time. It boots up in about 18 seconds on my Athlon 64 3700+ w/512 MB for the VM.

I'm waiting for a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 to show up on my doorstep. When it does, I'll be replacing the hard drive with a 320GB and putting either Arch Linux or FreeBSD on it. Right now, I'm leaning more towards the FreeBSD because of the ports. What I've decided to do is either put FreeBSD on my laptop or on my desktop. I'd rather put it on my laptop so I don't have to redo my desktop. Plus, boot up time is a big thing for me on a laptop as opposed to my desktop (I never shut this thing down unless it's hardware-related). I'm thinking if it boots in 18 seconds in a VM enviroment, it should do pretty good on a new Core 2 Duo w/2GB RAM.

I just wanted to ask how FreeBSD is on laptops? Should I put it on there, or should I put a Linux distro like Arch on my laptop and put FreeBSD on my desktop? I've read a little about FreeBSD on the T61, but I just wanted to get some input. From what I've seen, it'll work good and I can get all the programs I want to run. I just wanted to find out about a generic laptop vs desktop. Thanks and I look forward to finally using FreeBSD!
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