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Just sharing ...

One of the reasons I don't do ports is because I don't have "spare" hardware to keep an openBSD box -- with compiler tools -- around. My oBSD boxes are in service and it's just not good practice to put developer tools on production machines.

So, in this case, enter VM Server (free edition). I downloaded the openBSD cd43.iso image. In VMware you can boot a virtual machine straight off this .iso. I then ran an over-the-network install of full blown openBSD, replete with compiler and related stuff. (I likely could have booted install43.iso too and avoided the over-the-net install.)

OpenBSD 4.3 installed and runs beautifully as a guest O/S inside VM Server (368MB RAM allocation). I made (make'd) my openVPN 2.1 and transfered (scp) the install files -- one openVPN binary, and one openvpn.8 man page -- to my in service firewaall/vpn gateway machines.

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