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I did not think about the proprietary aspect of "Hardware Raid" or, their software as well.
For an Enterprise solution it might foot the bill along with a good IT individual or dept. In the past when my needs were much greater I have had Raid along with a hot plug setup restore data when a drive failed, i.e. simply remove and install a new one and the drive was reloaded by the system. But that would have not, "as you correctly mentioned" saved me from a software issue and/or Operator Error.
In a critical or Enterprise situation corporations are advised to go with their contract support and
software/hardware monitoring.

In my situation & adhering to the "KISS" principle, I believe I'll pass on their Raid and hot-plug options.
I believe OpenBSD will support all my httpd needs out of the box with a simple (cost effective) hardware set-up. I don't need a blazing fast processor, large hdd's or goobs of ram.

Thanks again jggimi for the insight, I haven't thought about.
Anyone Else?
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