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Default FreeBSD hangs on boot

Gidday FreeBSDers

I've a FreeBSD 7.0 64 bit server which has a boot problem that is driving me nuts.

It takes multiple gos to boot successfully. Most times it just hangs, always at the same point in the boot sequence -

firewire 0: bus manager 0 (me)

I have to kill the power and reboot and eventually I get lucky and it boots.

This didn't bother me so much cos once booted the server stayed on - but I'm testing an UPS with the box and need to reboot to test my shutdown scripts - and it's getting to be a real pain.

I also suspect that my hitting the power switch may be causing filesystem corruption - my first post on this board was about this. I fixed that problem with a fsck - only for the problem to reappear.

The OS disk is a 4Gb CF card - and so I don't have a swap partition. The CF card I haven't set ro yet as I'm still messing about with bits and pieces.

All the hardware (apart from the CF card) is known to be good as this box was running problem free with Linux before i wiped it and put on FreeBSD.

When the server boots its runs fine (apart from the FS errors noted above)

dmesg doesn't throw up any errors that I can see either...

As I see it there's 3 possible causes:

1) Something wrong with my CF card (which would explain FS errors)

2) something wrong with my FreeBSD install

3) something that I haven't thought of

Can anyone shed any light?
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