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Old 21st June 2009
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Default ext2 lost+found

like I said in the last thread about my new drive, my macmini hung again, and had to switch off the power. I'm starting to think it's a temperature problem, because the fan is always on and it never happened before. I don't really know what I should think. Also since buying the drive, sometimes the mouse dies away, and have to change the slot to make it work. Anyway, I'll monitor the temperature and see what it is.
But now, after rebooting and running e2fsck, the lost+found directory in one of the partitions is full of stuff (>4G), and in fact I was transferring files via ssh while it happened. It seems that only the files I was transferring were damaged, but how do I make sure this is the case? Also, how do I remove the files in lost+found? It always gives permission denied also as root.
Now I'm transferring files again and have these temperatures:
hw.sensors.maxtmp0.temp0=54.00 degC (Internal)
hw.sensors.maxtmp0.temp1=49.75 degC (External)
I guess it's not that bad, is it?
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