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Default Modest Rack Server for httpd

I am looking at the following rack server for my business as my hosting co. is having issues. I used httpd (OpenBSD) in the past on larger hot plug raid capable hp servers.
My needs are light now so i am looking at the following and have a couple questions.
PowerEdge R240 Rack Server
1.) If i plan to use only (1) of the (2) hdd's for httpd website hosting (2)nd simply for
backup of site files etc. do i need.....
Hot plug drives over cabled? (Price vrs ease of replacement in a Raid enviorment).
Note: sites are static with no financial or database critical data storage. (no big deal if sites go down temp)
sites can be re-created quickly with backed up data. i.e. if first drive fails i can install OpenBSD on
(2nd) for httpd while ordering a replacement for the failed (1st) drive.
2.) Software Raid over none?
Do I need their raid software and hd set-up, as I thought it can be created easily if i need it within
OpenBSD install, i.e. set both hd's upon setup in Raid 1 config. during install.
I'm thinking Openbsd should not need their Raid Software or Hot plug set-up...
Am I thinking correctly?

Thanks in advance......

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