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LOADER.CONF(5)            FreeBSD File Formats Manual           LOADER.CONF(5)

     loader.conf -- system bootstrap configuration information

     The file loader.conf contains descriptive information on bootstrapping
     the system.  Through it you can specify the kernel to be booted, parame-
     ters to be passed to it, and additional modules to be loaded; and gener-
     ally set all variables described in loader(8).
RC.CONF(5)                FreeBSD File Formats Manual               RC.CONF(5)

     rc.conf -- system configuration information

     The file rc.conf contains descriptive information about the local host
     name, configuration details for any potential network interfaces and
     which services should be started up at system initial boot time.  In new
     installations, the rc.conf file is generally initialized by the system
     installation utility, sysinstall(8).

     The purpose of rc.conf is not to run commands or perform system startup
     actions directly.  Instead, it is included by the various generic startup
     scripts in /etc which conditionalize their internal actions according to
     the settings found there.

     The /etc/rc.conf file is included from the file /etc/defaults/rc.conf,
     which specifies the default settings for all the available options.
     Options need only be specified in /etc/rc.conf when the system adminis-
     trator wishes to override these defaults.  The file /etc/rc.conf.local is
     used to override settings in /etc/rc.conf for historical reasons.  See
     the rc_conf_files variable below.
SYSCTL.CONF(5)            FreeBSD File Formats Manual           SYSCTL.CONF(5)

     sysctl.conf -- kernel state defaults

     The /etc/sysctl.conf file is read in when the system goes into multi-user
     mode to set default settings for the kernel.
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