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Originally Posted by guitarscn View Post
I haven't started using pf yet, but I'm wondering if it would still be worth using if I already have a built-in firewall with my router and what the difference is between that and setting up a dedicated box as a pf firewall for everything to run through first before reaching any other computers on my network as opposed to not having one and just using the firewall router.
Your main concerns should be:

1) The nature and volume of the expected traffic. Would you have a FTP, HTTP and/or SSH server? Would you do some p2p? Would you use an XBox?

2) The specifications of your network: would it link two desktop computers? More computers and a server? Or else?

3) The specifications of the router: is this a heavy-duty router or one you just bought from you favorite consumer hardware shop? Could it handle the nature and volume of your traffic?

Depending on your answers to 1), 2) and 3), my guess is that you might better scrap your router for a dedicated box (OpenBSD, FreeBSD or NetBSD), pf, AltQ and a switch instead.

Hope its helps.

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