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Originally Posted by Calderon View Post
I Guess theres no way to try those Linux drivers either.
No, of course not. They are written for different kernel.
I never understood why people look for complicated software solutions for their hardware problems. You have a hardware problem (non-working printer) which should be solved by getting working printer. In U.S. entry level monochrome laser printer which does speak PostScript can be found for $70 (Lexmark 120n). That is less than 50 Euros. You can get really good work group monochrome laser printer for $100-120 and for $30 extra ($150) you may get color laser (it would have to be open box item of course) which does speak PostScript.

I just never understood people who get those "cheap" inkjet printers which cost fortune if you really use them for printing.

By the way if you must get inkjets I really like HP OfficeJet in particular older like R65 or R80 which are very cheap to operate and rock solid. They have HUGE cartridges which cost only $10 to refill in U.S. (Walgreens). For photos I like Epson inkjets but you will need to mortgage your house to buy ink for them.
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