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AFAIK, you cannot determine what data is stored on what vdev, just that it's stored in that filesystem, in that storage pool. The data will be striped across all the vdevs in the pool. A single vdev or even a single disk is useless outside of the pool. You can basically treat the entire storage pool as "a single disk".

In essense, the storage pool is a RAID0 of all the vdevs.

You can, if you are really paranoid about data safety, created mirrored pools instead of striped pools. You create the pool and the first vdev as per normal. But, when you create the second (and subsequent) vdevs, you use:

zpool <poolname> attach <vdev type> <disk1> <disk2> <...>

That will create a RAID1 across all the vdevs. You lose disk space, but gain a lot more redundancy in the pool. (Probably not useful for most people/situations.)

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