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Default Compiling Epkowa

Dear All,

As you probably noticed I have a little time on my hands lately so I was playing with various things. I was trying to compile proprietary Epkowa backends for SANE from SEIKO corporation. As you know Epkowa is a part of disturbing trend that manufacturers are providing Linux only drivers. Hopefully with the rise of OpenSolaris this will end but in the mean time I was playing with it. Epkowa has two parts. One is source code released with GNU license and another is proprietary plug in released only as binary.

Despite reports

that at least non-proprietary part could be compiled on FreeBSD my compilation fails miserably. Did anybody try to compile Epkowa on OpenBSD. It would be particularly interested if proprietary plug in could be make useful which will unlock many devices which
are unsupported by sane-backends and many essentially brand new models.

To stay on the same note what are your experiences in trying to install
Linux binaries on OpenBSD?
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