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Talking OpenBSD as Samba/NAS server ?

Hi folks,

this is something that I have been keeping on hold for a very long time without coming up with valuable a solution.

I bought (more than a year ago) an Odroid-HC4 board to replace my old RPI2 as samba server (debian/OSMC), I was pretty sure it had support for FreeBSD and the likes but I was wrong. Therefore I have been evaluating that I could use ZFS with Ubuntu anyway but the idea of using Ubuntu + systemd really pissed me off... The only good point of Ubuntu was the long-term-support and anything else. All of these stopped to take an action.

Regarding this board only OpenBSD seems to have full support, at this rate OpenBSD looks to be the better compromise, but I do not have any experience in using OpenBSD to serve files and maybe few other services like Torrent and XMPP...

What are my concerns (based on lack of knowledge):
  • FFS looks for me very few reliable
  • FFS and OpenBSD are generally slow
  • Samba implementation on OpenBSD is flaky (?)
  • Softraid mirror is unreliable in production (?)
  • Softraid mirror will slow down further your I/O (?)
  • OpenBSD is unreliable on a SD card (?)
  • Samba is harder to configure on OpenBSD (?)

Basically I would install the OS on the SD (which I may mount in RO mode most of the time) and create a softraid mirror with the 2 WD Nas Spin Drive. Between Ubuntu vs OpenBSD I think the reply is obvious...

I am only concerned for the data (which are mostly gazillion of pictures).

Thanks in advance,
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