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Originally Posted by delboy View Post
The only question I have is,is this the right way to go ,I mean by deleting the blank @pkgdep's am I going to regret it and what is the worst that could happen.
If they weren't referencing a package in any way, then they are safe to delete. Keeping them obviously will not get you any further. The very worst thing that could happen would be ending up with a few ports that are not referencing all of their dependencies. If one of those @pkgdep lines was actually supposed to represent a dependency then that package would not "know" that it required it so if you tried to delete the dependency, pkg_delete would not stop you. It would also affect tools like portmaster and portupgrade that would try to update the dependency first and then the dependent package. That said, it is not the end of the world. Once you have updated or rebuilt the ports, things should "heal".
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