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System locale
usually set system wide in /etc/login.conf
for users, in their ~/.profile
Note for ksh
FAQ 8.16 - ksh(1) does not appear to read my .profile!
ls -d /usr/share/locale/zh*
X locale
Normally in ~/.Xdefaults
ls -d /usr/X11R6/share/X11/locale/zh*
Terminal applications:
man luit
This said, I have no way to check if a /usr/share/locale/zh_TW.eucTW
can be filtered into a /usr/X11R6/share/X11/locale/zh_TW.UTF-8

X applications:
as you did for mlterm
for each X application, most of the time the application itself can set the encodings (thunderbird, firefox, gnumeric, gedit, ...).
Other times, the application has a dot file or directory.
for ideas.
I like the small wrapper scripts they give as example.

Not tested but .xinitrc being a list of shell commands, it should be possible to setenv or env to a locale.

I assume you would get better answers on Chinese OpenBSD forums
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