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Default Here's a "bonehead" question...

Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
The Opera flash plugin port is not as useful as it once was, as it is limited to Flash 7, and flash websites all seem to be beyond that. The only things left in Flash 7 seem to be annoying adverts.

If you wish, you can force the installation of rpm, so that both rpm and rpm2cpio are installed. See the -F option of the pkg_add(1) man page. Note also that this may cause problems when you pkg_delete(1), as the rpm* package that remains installed will be damaged.
I'm a bit distracted now - juggling a few things - so I'm working off of my short/med term memory here.

Q1: Since I've installed Fedora_base, would it be possible for us to install a Fedora version of Opera 10 and its flash-plugins under emul/linux? If so, can a howto demo be written up here? Thanks.

These question digress the thread into the "How can I use the fedora-base pkgs" realm...

From what I recall, installing fedora-base allows us to run Linux apps; but outside of installation instructions, I don't recall seeing a "howto" displaying an actual pkg/app installation example.

I'm aware of this project's goals; but one of *BSDs' selling points was that it can run Linux apps - better/faster than native Linux distros on occasion. Just looking to see if we can bring in a few conveniences (I'm tired of Dual-Booting ), like flash and Virtualbox, for example.

Q2: Provided that it can be done, would one install/run RPM to install packages under emul/linux here on OBSD?
Q2B: Would we rely on Fedora-base packages' libraries or do we use an app like yum to check with fedora foundation's repositories to keep our linux libraries up to date?

Or, since there appears to be a lack of interest in porting non-native packages via emulation, would it be expedient to just install a small linux distro under qemu - as suggested by lvlamb?

Thanks in advance
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