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Old 21st May 2008
nimmen nimmen is offline
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Default freebsd 7 sofware raid-5

hello, i have 3 pata drives and probably the best option would be to use raid-5, as it would save my data with 1 drive loss, and the usable space is not bad...

questions would be:

1. is the gvinum best thing to do raid-5...
2. as far as i read, gvinum cant be loaded that early to use all the disk space in raid-5, so as i know people use usb flash sticks to boot kernel with gvinum from it and later mount all the things...
the problem is that i did not find any decent articles on how to build custom kernel to the flash drive...
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Old 21st May 2008
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gvinum is pretty much dead. There's some development happening on it, but most of the new development is happening in the separate GEOM modules (gconcat, gstripe, gmirror, graid3, graid5, gjournal, ggated, gvirstor, etc).

For software RAID5, you would have to download, compile, and install the experimental geom_raid5 (graid5) module.

Alternatively, if you have a large enough flash drive (2 GB at least, more would be better), you can install FreeBSD 7 to it, and use ZFS' built-in raidz feature for the data drives. Just leave / (with just /boot, /etc, and /dev) on the flash drive, and put the rest (/home, /usr, /var, /tmp) onto the zpool.

If you find another harddrive, it would be simpler, as you could install the harddrive, then setup ZFS, create all the filesystems in ZFS, move everything but /boot, /etc, and /dev to the ZFS filesystems, make sure it works across a few reboots, and then move the minimal / to the flash drive.

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Old 23rd May 2008
nimmen nimmen is offline
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thanks for the info...
i have 2gb capacity usb stick...
so i guess ill try raidz
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