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NetBSD Installation and Upgrading Have trouble getting NetBSD on your toaster?

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Old 30th March 2012
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Default NetBSD on an iMac

Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
Hi @roddierod !
a similar problem happened to me this evening .. the imac refused to boot on 'hd:,ofwboot /bsd' .. so I tried this : boot hd:1,ofwboot /bsd .. and it succeeded .. I hope this will be your case as well .. (notice the number 1 .. if it fails use 2 or 3 depending on what you have there .. I used to use hd:3,ofwboot.xcf netbsd for NetBSD.macppc .. )
You have it running on an iMac? (NetBSD, that is.) Would you be willing to make a short tutorial on installing and booting NetBSD on such?
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Old 30th March 2012
daemonfowl daemonfowl is offline
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Hi Ninguem !
I'd love to if only I could , I'm but a simple newbie learning from you ..
when I first installed NetBSD on ibook .. it was because iwi didn't work on OpenBSD and I mistakenly thought that NetBSD would be different .. so I simply installed it following the normal steps .. then on boot I took on the foolish habit to get into openfirmware with installCD inserted (always there!! to use cd as a mediator to boot from hard drive using the bootstrap partition number 3) :
boot cd:,ofwboot.xcf hd:3,/netbsd
(similar to booting from cd : boot cd:,\ofwboot.xcf Netbsd.macppc -this is needed when cd fails to boot automatically with C button pressed- it was my case)
In short , majestic OpenBSD turned to become my eternal choice .. as it seems to help newbies bypass such a tricky phase and seemed simpler in conducting the install on powerpc .. no pdisk woes .. I also missed some annoying messages related to iwi when two interfaces are active ..
Because I failed to boot NetBSD without using the installCD , I thought of installing OpenBSD for a dual boot , but turned down the idea as it seemed foolishness healed with a sister foolishness.
Ninguem , try OpenBSD and you won't regret it on powerpc machines .. (while still NetBSD has its ancestral charm and an arena for study ...... )
just a question : why is OpenBSD capable of dealing with both HFS and MBR whereas NetBSD needs pdisk to rely on for booting and using only HFS ??
pdisk involves setting up network etc which adds up to the newbie woes
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Old 30th March 2012
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Discussion about installing NetBSD on an iMac has been split from its parent thread:


Please, if you want to take discussion in a different direction than that of the original poster, start a new thread. This is covered in the forum rules.
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