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Old 11th January 2022
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Default Making doom wads with BSP 5.2?

Hi! i managed to compile "slige" a random map generator for doom 1 and doom 2, but it outputs a file that need to be processed with "bsp" a node builder to get a playable map or map set.

The issue is that i can compile both applications under OpenBSD 7.0 -current, but bsp is throwing me an error i can't understand.

I compiled slige like this:
## Compile slige

$ mkdir -p ~/src/xwadtools && cd /src/xwadtools && curl -O ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/games/idgames/source/xwadtools-20010615.tar.gz && tar -xzvf xwadtools-20010615.tar.gz
$ cp -r ~/src/xwadtools/slige ~/src/ && cd ~/src/slige
$ cc slige.c -o slige
then, i compiled bsp like this:
$ mkdir -p ~/src/bsp && cd ~/src/bsp && curl -O http://games.moria.org.uk/doom/bsp/download/bsp-5.2.tar.bz2 && tar -xjvf bsp-5.2.tar.bz2 && cd bsp-5.2
$ ./configure && make
then i run slige successfully:
$ ~/src/slige/slige -config ~/games/doom/tools/slige/slige490/slige.cfg -doom2 -levels 8 -rooms 18 -map1 -nocustom ~/games/doom/wads/slige/slige_doom2.out
but when i process that slige_doom2.out file with bsp i get:
$ /home/lea/src/bsp/bsp-5.2/bsp /home/lea/games/doom/wads/slige/slige_doom2.out -o /home/lea/games/doom/wads/slige/slige_doom2.wad

* Doom BSP node builder ver 5.2
Copyright (c)   1998 Colin Reed, Lee Killough
                2001 Simon Howard
                2000,2001,2002,2006 Colin Phipps <cph@moria.org.uk>

Opened PWAD file: /home/lea/games/doom/wads/slige/slige_doom2.out. 49 dir entries at 0x00045c2c.
Creating nodes using tunable factor of 17

Program Error: *** Unable to read wad directory entry ".       " in X
Any ideas as to why bsp is not working with that 'Unable to read wad directory entry ". " in X' error?
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Old 11th January 2022
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Welcome back! Since this application is not in the ports tree, you're on-your-own for debugging its source code.

Several things to consider, in no particular order:
  • From what I can gather from your post, you're running a "configure" step. It is possible that this build needs GNU make rather than BSD make, though usually this is indicated by a build failure rather than the runtime failure you reported here. If needed, install and use gmake.
  • There may be missing run dependencies. The log/logs from your configure step may shed light on this.
  • Use a debugger to step through the program and perhaps discover the root cause of the issue. The GNU debugger gdb(1) in-base is not helpful for third party applications; it dates from 2004; so either use the clang lldb(1) debugger or install the gdb package -- its executable is named egdb to avoid confusion with the in-base gdb(1).
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