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Old 1st April 2015
pawaan pawaan is offline
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Default say hello to FretBSD !

NetBSD and FreeBSD join forces

The BSD community has been running into one of the same problems Linux has lately: we just have too many different BSDs to choose from
What's more, none of them have any specific areas they focus on or anything like that (they're all basically the same)
That situation is about to improve somewhat, as FreeBSD and NetBSD have just merged codebases... say hello to FretBSD
Within a week, all mailing lists and webservers for the legacy NetBSD and FreeBSD projects will be terminated - the mailing list for the new combined project will be hosted from the United Nations datacenter on a Microsoft Exchange server
As UN monitors will be moderating the mailing lists to prevent disagreements and divisive arguments before they begin, this system is expected to be adequate for the load
With FretBSD, your toaster can now run ZFS, so you'll never need to worry about the bread becoming silently corrupted again

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Old 1st April 2015
ocicat ocicat is offline
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An excellent article for today!
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Old 1st April 2015
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The most believable FreeBSD April fools' day joke I have ever seen was few years ago when somebody posted on FreeBSD ports list that they will be adopting pkgsrc. Historically as we know FreeBSD ports pre-dates pkgsrc but pkgsrc is the a pride of NetBSD and the only pkg management system that I know off which is/was used by other OS (Minix, DragonFly, Draco Linux come to mind). That one was very believable this one not so much.
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Old 1st April 2015
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With FretBSD ... you'll never need to worry ...
Hmm, but, but, FretBSD sounds like a BSD for worriers (and guitarists?).
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Old 2nd April 2015
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I ran into this one before I realized what day it was. I have no intent to use their work (the wife might). I was a little weirded out none the less.
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Old 4th April 2015
DaBSD DaBSD is offline
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Merging {X1}BSD with {X2}BSD... isn't this already an obligatory 1 April joke year by year?
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