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Other BSD and UNIX/UNIX-like Any other flavour of BSD or UNIX that does not have a section of its own.

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Old 9th November 2008
atphalix atphalix is offline
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Unhappy can't boot live *BSD through QEMU!

I've tried to boot an openbsd based livcd (bsdanywhere43-i386.iso) and netbsd based one (jibbed-LiveCD-0.15.72.iso) with qemu but they both fail as the kernel hangs as it can't find the root filesystem.
I'm using the following command to boot:
.\qemu\qemu -boot d -cdrom ..\..\Downloads\bsdanywhere43-i386.iso -L .\qemu

here is a screenshot of openbsd:

and netbsd:

I've already checked both checksum and they are ok.
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Old 9th November 2008
BSDfan666 BSDfan666 is offline
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OpenBSD doesn't always place nicely with emulators..

Solution? don't boot OpenBSD in an emulator...
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Old 10th November 2008
fbsduser fbsduser is offline
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Solution reverse the OS's (put BSD as the one booting the computer and windoze inside the emulator).
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Old 10th November 2008
J65nko J65nko is online now
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I only played with qemu under OpenBSD, not under XP, so I am not sure if the following applies to qemu under XP

Have you created a image file for qemu to work with?
qemu-img create -f qcow2 MyQemu.disk 2G
Invoke qemu with the "-m 512" option to specify 512 MB of RAM for qemu to use:
qemu -m 512 -boot d -cdrom <your.livecd.iso> -monitor stdio -L <BIOS and keymaps> MyQemu.disk
Most LiveCD's I played with needed at least 512MB memory.
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Old 1st December 2008
DNAeon DNAeon is offline
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As J65nko suggested - you should have a qemu image file.

I'm running qemu on a FreeBSD host system with no problems.

Also, right now I tested qemu under Windows XP host system and OpenBSD works fine.

These are the commands I used:
qemu-img.exe create obsd.img 4G
qemu.exe -L . -boot d -hda obsd.img -cdrom install44.iso -localtime -m 256
However I haven't tested it with LiveCD, but instead I used an OpenBSD 4.4 ISO.
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Old 1st December 2008
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s2scott s2scott is offline
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If those are shots of guest openBSD-as-guest on a windows (xp) host, and if you're not married to qemu, I successfully run openBSD-as-guest (on XP) in VirtualBox (xVM).

Virtualbox is open source (Sun's meanings) and free.

Haven't tried the LiveCD, but the native openBSD installs and runs quite well.

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Old 1st December 2008
jggimi's Avatar
jggimi jggimi is offline
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One possibility is too small a memory system.

I have run my OpenBSD LiveCD images successfully in qemu for windows. I have found that adding -std-vga is helpful to run X. For example:

C:\qemu> qemu -L . -boot d -cdrom fluxbox.i386.4.4.3.iso -std-vga -m 384
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Old 12th June 2009
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Default cant boot live BSD through QEMU

Good business!
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