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Old 18th June 2008
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Default Should i install 2 ports at same time ?

Can i install 2 or more ports at the same time? Or it is better to install port 1 at a time?
Because I'm thinking that port A might related to port B and install together may effect the result. Is that true?
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Old 18th June 2008
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If you are compiling porta and portb which both depend on portc then an error may occur if both ports try to compile portc at the same time.
This is nothing serious, you can just restart the build, on a rare occasion you may need to manually remove a corrupted object file.

On systems with one core, the total amount of time taken to install two ports in parallel is longer than it takes when you build then serially ... On multi-core systems parallel builds (or make -j) is faster
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Old 18th June 2008
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The OpenBSD Project recommends that you install packages, unless packages are unavailable due to licensing or flavor. Ports are more complex. The consensus among the more experienced users agrees with the Project.
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Old 18th June 2008
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It is possible to make many ports at once but they should not be installed
simultaneously as parallel running processes.
To install many ports at once create the subdirectory /usr/ports/myports
in which you will list the names of all ports you want to install and their flavours.

For instance


# make  BUILD=yes SUBDIRLIST=/usr/ports/myports install
Do not forget to clean after yourself.

# make  BUILD=yes SUBDIRLIST=/usr/ports/myports clean
# make  BUILD=yes SUBDIRLIST=/usr/ports/myports clean=depends
If your list is long make sure you have enough disk space on /usr since you will create
lots of garbage before you clean. For instance when I build all my desktop ports automatically (which is usually about 20 ports) I need at least 12 GB to do it. Once when I clean it they are no more than 2-3GB in total.
Be also smart about making many ports at once. It is enough to list xsane and sane-backends will be installed as dependences. I have a careful choice of 15-20 ports which in turn will install all other ports I use as dependence.

The above process might take a very long time. In the spirit of OpenBSD project you should actually try to use packages
instead of ports whenever possible. The question is how to you install many packages at once.
You can make a simple very crude script

pkg_add gimp(full name of the package)
pkg_add emacs21
pkg_add texlive
which you can execute as a root or with sudo. Good thing is that you do not have to worry about the space now necessary for build. The better thing would be to create a file with the packages you want to install and then write a small awk or perl program which will accomplish installation.
Many packages do come with OpenBSD specific messages and they require some post installation actions. For instance if you install CUPS you need to execute the script which will replace LPD spooling system with CUPS, alter some permissions, edit /etc/rc.local and /etc/group files. Those can be automatized as well.

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Old 18th June 2008
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Originally Posted by bsdnewbie999 View Post
Or it is better to install port 1 at a time?
Yes, this is prudent.
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