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Old 3rd November 2008
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Default n00b Eclipse question

Hi everyone
I have installed eclipse from ports and installed various plugins, such as eclipse-aptana and eclipse-wpt from /usr/ports/java

after installing, I realize that my eclipse doesn't automatically have these updates in it.

My question is:
How do I enable these plugins? I tried going into software updates but I don't think I am doing the right thing.

Plus, Where are both wpt and aptana saved?

Thx in advance
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Old 3rd November 2008
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I belive you can enable/disable them through one of he help-> menus. I ditched Eclipse on FreeBSD quickly, finding it to much trouble to use the 3.3.x release. So maybe someone here is more familiar with it.

You should find most files for the plugins in /usr/local/eclipse/
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Old 3rd November 2008
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You can enable/disable all additional plugins/features right here:
Be sure to check the toolbar button that says "Show disabled features".

However, I had no problems installing eclipse/wtp and getting it started out of the box. But my version is 3.2.2_1 and a newer one might cause problems. I'm also not quite sure if all those plugins do work with eclipse-devel as well.

Usually all eclipse related packages go to /usr/local/eclipse as mentioned before, so there's nothing to tweak here. If you want more details, simply see the +CONTENTS file of the corresponding package, e.g.:
Find out the base directory where things are installed to:
> cat /var/db/pkg/eclipse-webtools-1.5.2_1/+CONTENTS | grep "@cwd"
Relative to this directory all files are placed. To get a list of files:

> cat /var/db/pkg/eclipse-webtools-1.5.2_1/+CONTENTS | grep -v "@"
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Old 3rd November 2008
disappearedng disappearedng is offline
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Man thx for the help I truly appreciate it.

On the other hand though, I just want to make it clear that the plugins in ports DID work. It's just that I was using eclipse devel so under /usr/local my eclipse's folder is actually /usr/local/eclipse-devel while all the plugins are saved onto the folder eclipse.

So I just abandoned eclispse-devel and worked on eclipse 3.3

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