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Old 17th August 2008
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Default What Sun hardware do you have

What OS and what is it serving?
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Old 17th August 2008
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I have a SPARCstation 5, it has NetBSD on it ... Haven't used it in a few years, but it should work...
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Old 17th August 2008
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I have an Ultra 5, an Ultra 60 and a Tritec Ultra "1E+" clone. The latter two run Solaris; the clone has run FreeBSD in the past (originally it was part of a CAT scanner). I don't use them much, though I will say that the 60 is a very nice machine (dual CPUs, dual video monitors and wonderful build quality).

Total expenditure on the hardware: $60.
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Old 17th August 2008
cajunman4life cajunman4life is offline
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SunFire V60x, running FreeBSD 7 (IA32)

Sun Enterprise 220R, FreeBSD 6 (Sparc64)

Sun Ultra 2 Creator, FreeBSD 7 (Sparc64)

Holy crap - the only thing I'm running Solaris on is in a virtual machine on my MacBook...
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Old 17th August 2008
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Originally Posted by revzalot View Post
What OS and what is it serving?
kern.version=OpenBSD 4.4-current (GENERIC) #12: Sat Aug 16 21:34:33 PDT 2008
I got a few new Ultra 5/10's off eBay when Sun discontinued them several years back for little more than a song & a dance. I installed OpenSolaris out of curiosity, but ended up leaving it on only long enough to update OpenBoot before installing OpenBSD. I use them for DNS, NTP, & syslog primarily. Anyways, OpenBSD seems quite nimble on them, & they have plenty of life left for vintage hardware.
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Old 20th August 2008
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I just got a Netra™ AX1105-500. It boots FreeBSD, but I not yet have a use for it.
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Old 21st August 2008
dk_netsvil dk_netsvil is offline
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I have a Netra T1, a v210, a SparcStation 2 and a SparcStation 5, and an Ultra5 none of which are really doing anything.

The Netra and SunFire v210 were decommissioned just last month - they had been hosting the test environment for a database driven website that received new hosting hardware. The pizza boxes have just been collecting dust, though - maybe the Netra and the SunFire have some life left in them though.
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Old 22nd August 2008
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I have two v100, both with FBSD 7.0.

They are a bit noisy but hard working and very reliable.
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