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Old 24th June 2010
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Default Manage Unreal Tournament cache files

This is a little Python script to manage cache file for Unreal Tournament. Been using it for years, figured I might as well put it here.
I only used/tested this with the original UT on Windows and FreeBSD, should work for Linux and possible MacOS X too.

On FreeBSD you can install UT as a port: games/linux-ut. You'll need an original UT CD. The unreal anthology release is on sale for a few euro's (... And will work with the port in spite of the InstallShield crap installer they slapped on).
AFAIK it doesn't work with OpenBSD/Linux emulation.

Note this script will just rename the files to the correct name in the Cache/ directory, it doesn't put them in the correct UT Dirctory (System/, Textures/, etc.).
This is a feature and not a bug because when you're using mods you often don't want to use the standard UT directories and there is no way of figuring out which files belongs to which mod (Or even if it belongs to any mod).

A few simple commands can move the files:

  $ utdir=/usr/local/share/linux-ut/
  $ mv *.u ${utdir}/System/
  $ mv *.utx ${utdir}/Textures

The actual code
  #!/usr/bin/env python
  # Martin Tournoij <martin@arp242.net>
  # http://carpetsmoker.net/weblog/Manage_Unreal_Tournament_cache_files.php
  # Free to use for whatever purpose. There are no restrictions.
  # Version 20100624
  # This is a very simple script to manage unreal tournament cache files.
  # Works on Windows, FreeBSD, Linux.
  import os
  import re
  import shutil
  import sys
  if sys.platform[:3] == 'win':
  	cachefile = '%s\\UnrealTournament\\Cache\\cache.ini' % os.getenv('SYSTEMDRIVE')
  	cachefile = os.path.expanduser('~/.loki/ut/Cache/cache.ini')
  if len(sys.argv) > 1:
  	cachefile = sys.argv[1]
  def ReadFile(file):
  	newfile = [ ]
  	move = [ ]
  	f = open(file)
  	for line in f:
  		if line[0] == ';' or line[0] == '[':
  		line = line.strip()
  		if line == '':
  		l = line.split('=')
  		# There are multiple versions of these files active on servers, so skip
  		# them and keep them in cache!
  		if l[1] == 'INF_AimedPistols.u' or l[1] == 'UTCompass.u':
  	return move, newfile
  if not os.path.exists(cachefile):
  	print 'Error: cache.ini file "%s" does not exists.' % cachefile
  	print 'Please specify the cache.ini file as the first argument'
  	print 'Example: %s C:/games/UnrealTournament/Cache/cache.ini' % sys.argv[0]
  shutil.copy(cachefile, cachefile + '.bak')
  move, newfile = ReadFile(cachefile)
  dirname = os.path.dirname(cachefile)
  for file in move:
  	if os.path.exists('%s/%s.uxx' % (dirname, file[0])):
  		os.rename('%s/%s.uxx' % (dirname, file[0]), '%s/%s' % (dirname, file[1]))
  		print file
  		print "Warning, cache file `%s/%s.uxx' doesn't exist." % (dirname, file[0])
  f = open(cachefile, 'w')
  for n in newfile:
  	f.write(n[0] + '=' + n[1] + '\n')
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