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Old 4th November 2009
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Default hardware broken?

in the last couple of months playing music on my macmini ppc running 4.5 release would give strange results, that is skipping a lot. Lately, I upgraded to 4.6 doing a fresh install thinking it might have been something I broke , but in fact the problem is still there. Although slightly less (now I don't run X on macmini, and use my notebook), but still there. Either I use mpd or mplayer or whatever, the problem exist. I've tried to copy the song into the internal drive, but it's the same.

Should I get concerned about my hardware? Should I get prepared for a sudden death?
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Old 4th November 2009
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jggimi jggimi is offline
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The next time you start a thread, before you post, please go back to any of the several where I wrote something like:
As usual, Gosha, you have neglected to provide information needed for anyone help you.
Before clicking on that "Submit New Thread" button, you should stop, and ask yourself:
  1. "Is jggimi going to complain about this problem report, like he has most of my other ones?"
  2. "Will he simply shake his head, mutter to himself, and refuse to try to help?"
  3. "Will he rant at me for once again jumping to a ridiculous conclusion without doing any problem analysis at all?"
If the answer to any of these might be "Yes" then you should think about what you've written very carefully before clicking "Submit New Thread".
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Old 25th November 2009
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I feel you jggimi (do you call yourself that? when your typing? ) I REALLY do man, I get the "you can fix it, its quick you know what to do" before I even get there, then try asking them for an explanation of what happened ...

"I don't know i was not using my computer"
"I thought you said you were listening to music and surfing?"
"I was"
"but you were not using your computer?"
"what do you call it when you have your hands on the mouse and keyboard and clicking buttons?"
"I dont know thats why your here, you can fix it fast, i don't know what happened, it was not me" ......

So this is where i leave, and yes Windoz and Mac users and quite the same, Linux users think they are that much better because they all use a "hackers" OS, even though most of them have not even compiled anything on Linux to watch it break, if it even compiles.

So yes i REALLY do enjoy talking to fellow engineers and a good technician, hardware or network, will always at least have a good story ...

Cisco routers getting a firmware update, of course every good network has a live standby, so this fellow upgrades BOTH at the same time, and of course they BOTH bomb Turns out this fool does NOT even have his configs backed up before he BOMBS BOTH ROUTERS!!! (Why the hell do your backup at the same time???) he ends up having to recreate the configs from customer emails and phone calls. He also managed to keep his job? WOW!
The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know ....
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