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Old 4th October 2022
shep shep is offline
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Default Cheap USB mouse

In 7.2Beta, I'm using a cheap Rosewill usb mouse that loses it's usb port during boot. The Optical sensor glows red prior to OpenBSD, blanks during boot until
wskbd2 at ucc0 mux1
uhub0: device problem, disabling port 4
where the optical sensor briefly comes on and then goes out.

At xenodm, the optical sensor is off and the cursor unresponsive.
If I unplug the mouse usb port and plug it back in, the red sensor comes back on and the mouse functions.
I think it has something to do with usb polling rates.

If I use a more expensive Addesso USB mouse, I do not have any problems.
/var/log/Xorg.0.log does not show any errors but the boot screen, near the end, has a wsconsctl: /dev/mouse0: device not configured.

The Rosewill mouse is also finicky in Linux and the fix was to decrease the resolution. Something about high resolution overloading the polling rate during boot.

Is there a way to decrease mouse resolution in OpenBSD prior to X-windows starting? UKC?


I've tried
wsconsctl mouse.param=0:401,1:401

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Old 4th October 2022
J65nko J65nko is offline
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I cannot help you with you mouse but I have a similar issue when I plug in an external USB drive in one of the front USB 2.0 slots of my HP Proliant server (used as desktop)
Oct  5 01:37:21 lenap /bsd: uhub0: device problem, disabling port 6
But when I attach it to an USB 3.0 slot at the back it works:
Oct  5 01:41:56 lenap /bsd: umass0: using SCSI over Bulk-Only
Oct  5 01:41:56 lenap /bsd: scsibus4 at umass0: 2 targets, initiator 0
Oct  5 01:41:57 lenap /bsd: sd1 at scsibus4 targ 1 lun 0: <Innostor, Ext. HDD, 0.00> serial.1f750621000020170808
Oct  5 01:41:57 lenap /bsd: sd1: 190782MB, 512 bytes/sector, 390721968 sectors
So maybe you could try another USB slot/type ......
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Old 5th October 2022
shep shep is offline
Real Name: Scott
Arp Constable
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Dry and Dusty
Posts: 1,451

I tried moving the mouse/keyboard usb connections with no change in behavior. Another quirk, entering UKC> rendered the keyboard inoperative - I could not try disableing xhci. The mobo is an AsRock J4105M
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