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Old 27th March 2012
iostreamer iostreamer is offline
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Default awk material to study.

Hello my boss has given me the task of finding an awk programmer.
I have been formally c.science trained but have used awk only for my homework back in the days.
I might get the task of making the interviews so I would like to refresh my knowledge about awk.
Do you have any good books or guides in mind?
I know I could just easily google it but I would like to hear from experts.
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Old 27th March 2012
jb_daefo jb_daefo is offline
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book) awk & sed
online) awk one-liners
and www.awk.info (which I just discovered while looking up a third answer to this post. )
The "awk one-liners" might be among the tons of information at that .info site, too busy to
check today.
And if the "apropos" command is at your workstation, "apropos awk" may give a few man pages to browse; some may have links within them.
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Old 27th March 2012
ocicat ocicat is offline
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Originally Posted by iostreamer View Post
Do you have any good books or guides in mind?
Although O'Reilly has two titles on awk, in my opinion, the original book is the most comprehensive:

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Old 27th March 2012
J65nko J65nko is offline
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Whatever you can do with awk you also can do with Perl. Unless you have a big amount of awk programs to be maintained, I would suggest you look for a Perl programmer
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Old 27th March 2012
daemonfowl daemonfowl is offline
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you are definitely right J65nKo .. perl is modern , powerful for regex and strings and general purpose .. I'm really starting to love it .. still an immature newb though .. already on zoid and psh .. thanks to OpenBSD ! it will take me at least 1 year of extensive training ..
By the way, there is an awk to perl translator (a2p) ..

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Old 28th March 2012
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s0xxx s0xxx is offline
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If you decide anyway to go with awk, I could recommend these:

- Awk Community Portal

- Awk Channel Wiki

- comp.lang.awk FAQ

- Awk (Introduction to)

- An Awk Primer (A Guided Tour Of Awk)

- The GNU Awk User's Guide (Effective AWK Programming)

- Awk Wikipedia

- Famous Awk Oneliners Explained:

http://www.catonmat.net/blog/awk-one...ined-part-one/ Part I: File spacing, Numbering and Calculations
http://www.catonmat.net/blog/awk-one...ined-part-two/ Part II: Text Conversion and Substitutions
http://www.catonmat.net/blog/awk-one...ed-part-three/ Part III: Selective Printing and Deleting of Certain Lines

I also agree with @ocicat about the books recomendation.
The best way to learn UNIX is to play with it, and the harder you play, the more you learn.
If you play hard enough, you'll break something for sure, and having to fix a badly broken system is arguably the fastest way of all to learn. -Michael Lucas, AbsoluteBSD
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