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Old 30th April 2008
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Exclamation README (Forum Rules and Info)

Some notes about these forums.

Table of contents

Feel free to ask any questions you want, but please make it easy for us to help you.
  • Describe your problem as clearly as you can.
  • Post the (full) error message (if any).
  • Read FAQ/Handbook.
  • Read the manpages.
  • Read the stickies (If any).
  • Search the internet, especially the maillist archives.
  • Post any information that might be useful, such as dmesg, configuration files, etc.

Back to table of contents

Privacy Policy
  • We will never give your e-mail address or any other personal information stored in our database to any third party.
  • We will not send e-mails to you if you don't want to.
  • Your password is ciphered with a one-way hash (And the DaemonForums staff will never ask you for your password).
  • We will delete all personal information upon your request.

Back to table of contents

Please refrain from using excessively obscene language, the fact that this forum does not have a censor does not mean it is acceptable to casually use obscene language.

Back to table of contents

Terms of use / Rules
  • Behave. No racism, invasion of privacy, harassment, slander, flame bait, etc. This extends to account names chosen.
  • Be nice to other members. This means that it is *not* OK to call people ignorant or idiots if you feel they are asking a stupid question.
  • Don't post or link to illegal or offensive material, including (but not limited to) warez, cracks, pornography, and drugs.
  • This is not an advertisement board, so don't use it as such. No commercial links are allowed in signatures or profiles. Commercial links can be mentioned in forum posts only if they have a direct significance to the thread's discussion. Account names containing commercial names and/or brands will be removed without explanation.
  • Members of this site are located in countries throughout the world, and while English may not be all members' native or first language, all discussion on this site will be done in English. Posters should be mindful that others reading their questions may be at different levels of fluency, so using regional phrases and jokes may not be understood by everyone. Abbreviations are discouraged.
  • At the end of the day, the Moderator/Administrator is always right.
  • Unless you explicitly specify at the time messages are posted, it is assumed that all original content you post here is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. (Note that it will be your own duty to meet the legal standards for copyright enforcement.)

    Content from on or before 29 September 2008 is subject to the FreeBSD Documentation License by default.

    We strongly encourage the use of the Creative Commons license as this allows threads to retain continuity in discussion.
  • Please restrict threads to a single topic, and respect the direction taken by the original poster. Most members on this site search archived threads for relevant information, and staying on topic helps simplify searching.

Back to table of contents

A note about spam and bans

This community is very vigilant about removing any and all spam messages posted, as we want to maintain an environment specific to the discussion of the BSD family. Be aware that any message posted which resembles advertisement or unrelated nonsense will be quickly deleted without warning. New members who post spam or anything which resembles spam will also be permanently banned.

Bots and spammers are an unfortunately problem on the Internet, but we want to actively manage the problem by quickly getting rid of it. We apologize if this appears to be unfriendly and/or aggressive policy, but we take the spamming of these forums very seriously, and we want to maintain an environment where the members can continue discussing topics relating to the BSD family without needing to wade through unrelated postings.

Web crawlers are disallowed from searching through this site's user profiles to thwart SEO spammers who think they can better their chance of appearing in search engine results.

We do hope that you find these forums useful, and we hope that you continue to come back and join in on the technical discussion. In return, we offer our promise to maintain a venue which is free of advertisement and unrelated clutter.

If your account has been banned by accident, please do not hesitate to email us using the "Contact us" button at the bottom.

Back to table of contents

Custom BBcode
Manpages from the latest official releases can be displayed using the following syntax:


Specifying the section is mandatory.

As an example, manually adding the following to a forum post:


...will display a link to the online manpage for FreeBSD's latest release:


This feature supports the following Unix-like operating systems:
  • fman -- FreeBSD
  • oman -- OpenBSD
  • nman -- NetBSD
  • dman -- DragonFlyBSD
  • lman -- Debian GNU/Linux
Commandline examples
[cmd] is more or less the same as [code], but it's more compact and intended for one-line commandline examples:

For non-root users use the % prompt:
[cmd=%]ping daemonforums.org[/cmd]
% ping daemonforums.org

For root use the # prompt:
[cmd=#]ifconfig xl0 up[/cmd]
# ifconfig xl0 up

File and directory paths

Wikipedia linking
[wp]Berkeley Software Distribution[/wp]
Berkeley Software Distribution

Strikethrough text
[del]Microsoft Windows Vista[/del]
Microsoft Windows Vista

You can use [anchor]name[/anchor] to place an anchor, and [jump=name]Description[/jump] to jump to the anchor named "name".
Exampled can be found throughout this post.

Back to table of contents

Adding images with [img] is currently allowed, but please do not post images larger than ~640x480, we're not going to fret about a few pixels, but please use thumbnails/links if you want to post an image larger than this, for example:

Images significantly larger than 640x480 will have the [img] tags removed without notice.

Back to table of contents
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.

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