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Old 6th November 2021
gbudny gbudny is offline
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Default The commercial game Halloween: The New Nightmare (FPS) is now the opensource project


I think that some users remember that many years ago, Jadeware published the commercial game Halloween. Unfortunately, they decided to drop support the Linux version, and I couldn't buy it. In 2003, it was a shareware game, and you could even order the CD with the full Linux version for $24.95:


They decided to release the source code on GitHub and Farox from the Open pandora modified it, so it could be build on Linux x86-64. The game still doesn't start because there is an issue with loading the tga images.


The game uses libsdl, libjpeg, and libbbass

The original Linux version is too old to run on the modern Linux distributions.
I hope that someone will be interested to port Halloween to BSD and Solaris, or at least made some changes in the source code. I want to point out that you don't need the original CD with Halloween like it is with many source ports of games. You can simply download the Windows or Mac version of Halloween to use with Linux binary files.
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Old 6th November 2021
ibara ibara is offline
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This game requires a proprietary sound library in order to work.
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Old 6th November 2021
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Originally Posted by ibara View Post
This game requires a proprietary sound library in order to work.
Yes. I know about it, but there is an access to a source code of this game. Someone could rewrite the part of this game to use e.g. SDL-mixer instead the bass library.

The author of Halloween would be happy to merge these changes because he mentioned this solution:

"Playing sounds and music is always the tricky part as its very dependant on the platform target. But it should not be hard nowadays to update this code with a good lib on Ubuntu system in order play Mp3 and/or OGGs.. I hope. feel free to fork and let me know how you achieve doing it? Can't stand to see the result on Ubuntu!"

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Old 13th November 2021
gbudny gbudny is offline
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This is amazing! You can download a first playable version of Halloween: The new nightmare for Linux. Farox fixed the issue with loading the TGA images, and pocak100 solved many other issues that you can see below:

- Turn on automatic mipmap generation
- Add CMake as an alternative build method
- Enable window
- Let's show what we draw in the window
- Let us interact with the menu
- Don't skip the splash screen
- Fix console buffer overflow
- Reenable keyboard
- Load jpeg files using libjpeg-turbo
- Plug memory leak
- Don't delete textures in UnloadMap(), since we never reload them
- Nasty workaround to keep the mouse within the game window
- Grab all input while ingame
- Restore labels in the controls menu
- Rectify confusion between color and depth buffer bit depths
- Plug another leak
- Fix some minor buffer overflows
- We're not using GLU anymore

There are still few bugs left, but I think that now it should be a simpler task to port this game to BSD and Solaris.
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