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Old 13th June 2008
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Default Apache 1.3 vs. 2.2

I am currently running several VMs with 1.3 on them and they are running fine. I like the simplicity of the single setup file for 1.3 vs the funny way 2.2 has two files and they are symlinked or some other BS I really am not sure of.

My question, looking for opinions. Is there any reason to run 2.2? Am I missing some important thing about 2.2 I should know? Some say it is faster, has anyone really experienced this?

I am planning to deploy many more sites and am wondering which way I should be going. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Old 13th June 2008
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Well, I would think the best reason to use Apache 2.x would be if

0/ You prefer Apache 2.x configuration
1/ You need a configuration feature that's not in Apache 1.x
2/ You predominatly use non UNIX based systems (e.g. NT)
3/ You need something that only provides an Apache 2.x module.
4/ You system doesn't provide binaries for Apache 1.x, only for Apache 2.x and you also lack or won't install a C Compiler and friends.

Someone else would have to confirm it but I would expect that all active (non maintenance) work on the code base goes into Apache 2.2 and newer.

I personally have no preference as long as it _works_ and doesn't give me split hairs.
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Old 14th June 2008
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Originally Posted by TerryP
Someone else would have to confirm it but I would expect that all active (non maintenance) work on the code base goes into Apache 2.2 and newer.
A cursory look at the version summaries and changelogs on the project page appears to support that.
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Old 15th June 2008
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As TerryP sayd if you don't need the features from 2.x you can stay with 1.3.

If you have mixed environs like Open/FreeBSD and linux machines running apache I suggest pick
the one that is best supported at all systems, that makes configuration/move to other host easier.

I stayed long time at 1.3 then at 2.0. Now all my apaches (nearly 20) are running at version 2.2.8 but with a custom layout.
I don't like how different distros build the apache config layout specifically debian.

One thing that is verry good implemeted in FreeBSD is different apache instances (i think this is only with 2.0/2.2 possible)

for example in /etc/rc.conf.local
apache22_profiles="mgmt internal external"



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Old 16th June 2008
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Apache 1 config files were fairly annoying. I find 2.x far more logical and easy to debug.
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