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Other BSD and UNIX/UNIX-like Any other flavour of BSD or UNIX that does not have a section of its own.

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Old 25th June 2023
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I've been using Kali GNU/Linux as a daily driver for 2 years now and am very happy with it.

I have more years experience Administering Debian than I do BSD, like the rolling release updates, love using apt and aptget, it's more simple to maintain than FreeBSD and is the most widely hated distro by Chicken Little chickadees everywhere.

This is minimal installation of Kali on a Chromebook with Xfce as a DE.
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Old 6th August 2023
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Default Slackware is best: the only strictly UNIX-like

The first I used (after *BSD)--in 1997--was Slackware, and it's the only remaining strictly UNIX-like GNU/Linux. Even Debian/Devuan and Gentoo deviated in ways, though I've used them and have used (open)SUSE, RedHat/Fedora, Arch, *Ubuntu (Kubuntu)/Mint/Neon (and have all mentioned so far installed just to see, in case I might eventually work somewhere they use one). I think NetBSD is best general-purpose (like for many more types of computers); Slackware & FreeBSD & DragonFlyBSD are best for desktop; OpenBSD is best for servers (and OpenSolaris/IllumOS is interesting as a computer scientist) but unless one has hardware FreeBSD can't run (a fair bit) I'd rather avoid any OS running the messy Linux kernel and more & more stuff on OSs that use it that must emulate systemd or other programmer-/sysadmin-unfriendly stuff (like PAM isn't nice for traditional users/programmers). UNIX/*BSD was planned ahead of time (or at least replaced pre-designed UNIX code); Linux is 'make it up as you go along' so the difference in clean/stable code is clear, though Linux slowly improved with the involvement of large computer companies like Google with Android Linux... I just don't think it's quite yet up to the clean/stable standards of *BSD... like if you install a 'huge' Linux kernel on OSs that allow that (Slackware) because then you don't need initializing ramdisc (initrd) it's 99% hardware for other types of computers and takes considerable time... maybe that's not a reflection of less clean code, but seems somewhat a mess Linux could do another way and still not need initrd.
        I just wish *BSD could run my PC's multi-function hub (5.25" bay device with USB/memory readers, etc.) and graphics cards with CUDA & OpenCL because then I probably wouldn't use Linux except for other stuff that needs it (like a certain addon fan on Raspberry Pi computer that only runs in RaspiOS/etc. GNU/Linux).
        I do like the Free Software Foundation and agree the GNU/Linux OS is just GNU and Linux is one of its kernels, but I wish they were friendlier to *BSD and that *BSD programmers were friendlier to GNU/FSF, which is maybe more a stereotype in both cases...
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Old 6th August 2023
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Devuan - Devuan Live/XFCE installations, & sometimes Crowz (a lighter version of Devuan).

(Otherwise, I use OpenBSD, NetBSD, or Haiku.)
Linux since 1999, & also a BSD user.
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Old 6th August 2023
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MX Linux on one of my machines
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Old 20th October 2023
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I used to swear by using is strictly Linux but as of lately I've become extremely displeased with the direction that several of the most popular Linux distribution. Like Ubuntu and its other Debian re spins like Mx or Linux Mint ,has frustrated me as every time that their are a lot more variants of Debian and other old school distributions Like Gentoo,Arch and Slackware. I finally gave up on Linux all together and took the bull by the horns a few days back I decided to give up on Linux on a permanent basis and in the processes learn a whole lot more about the way operating systems handle configuration files and how to debug my mistakes in order to learn y=yet more about how your Operating system works,
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Old 20th October 2023
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When I was using a linux Distribution on a daily basis my favorite distributions where as listed in no particular order.

1. Debian/Ubunt and Linux mint equivalent
2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop or equivalent
3. Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop
4. OPenSuse Leap
5. Atinx
6. Artics
7. so on so forth
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